Historic parks and gardens in Sachsen-Anhalt

The forty most attractive and important parks and gardens selected from the total of nearly 1000 which Sachsen-Anhalt has to offer have been included in the project entitled 'Garden Dreams - Historic Parks in Sachsen-Anhalt'. These range in style from the mediaeval monastery garden at Drübeck to baroque gardens and landscape parks of yesteryear and the landscape park at Goitzsche near Pouch  in the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld , which is still in the process of being created.

The parks and gardens of Sachsen-Anhalt have much to offer the contemporary visitor. Many of them can be visited as part of a cycling or boat tour, because they are accessible by well-developed cycle routes or make charming destinations at which to disembark for those travelling the waterways.

As well as relishing a tranquil encounter with the picturesque gardens themselves, visitors should also experience the hustle and bustle of their festivals. Examples include the Orange Festival in Oranienbaum, the Mountain and Rose Festival in Sangerhausen, Merseburg's Castle Festival and the lakeside concerts in Wörlitz Park, which can be enjoyed from one of the romantic gondolas.
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