Castles and palaces

Querfurt Castle (german)
The oldest feudal castle in Germany.

The Georgium, Oranienbaum, Wörlitz and Mosigkau palaces
in the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz

Moritzburg, Halle (german)
Once a bishop's residence, now the Moritzburg Foundation, a gallery housing an important collection of modern European art.

Neuenburg Castle, Freyburg-Unstrut (german)
perched high above the vineyard town of Freyburg

Rudelsburg Castle (german)
"On the bright beachtes Saale castles stand proudly and boldly..."

Bernburg Palace (german)
'Anhalt's Crown' Hundisburg Palacearoque palace in a rural setting with baroque gardens

Castle and Fortress Regenstein, Blankenburg
The Regenstein Castle rises strikingly against the backdrop of the Harz Mountains.

Castle Falkenstein (german)
Castle Leitzkau (german)
Castle Köthen (german)
Castle Goseck (german)
Castle Plötzkau (german)
Castle Letzlingen (german)
Konradscastle (german)
Eckartscastle (german)




Moritzburg Castle, Halle, photo: image base/Klaus-Peter Röder
Moritzburg Castle, Halle
Castle Luisium, Wörlitz, photo: Image base State Chancellery/Jens Klapputh
Castle Luisium, Wörlitz
Querfurt Castle, photo: IMG/Burg Querfurt Service
Querfurt Castle
Neuenburg Castle, Freyburg-Unstrut, photo: IMG/Klaus-Peter Voigt
Neuenburg Castle, Freyburg-Unstrut
Rudelsburg Castle, photo: IMG/Guido Siebert
Rudelsburg Castle
Bernburg Palaces, photo: State Chancellery/Ines Berger
Bernburg Palaces
Hundisburg Palace, photo: Ostdeutsche Sparkassenstiftung/Friedrich-Wilhelm von Rauch
Hundisburg Palace
Castle and Fortress Regenstein, Blankenburg, photo: IMG/Juraj Lipták
Castle and Fortress Regenstein, Blankenburg
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