Industrial history, Landscape transformation, Energy

Like pearls on a string, the milestones of industrial history line up on the COAL | STEAM | LIGHT | LAKES route of adventure in Sachsen-Anhalt, in the once mighty central Germany industrial district between Wittenberg, the city of Luther, and Markkleeberg. Take an exciting trip of discovery into wonderful vacation and leisure centers, which had been ecological disaster zones up until the end of the DDR as a result of brown coal mining and the local chemical industry. Since the political transition in 1989, these ecological trouble spots have been thoroughly remediated and transformed into recreational areas that have great appeal for tourism and bear unique witness to their industrial past. The COAL | STEAM | LIGHT | LAKES cycling path gives you a chance to experience one of the greatest structural changes in the German economy on more than 120 km of paths with clear signposting. In all, the 23 stations on the route, which are right on the bicycle path in some cases and are accessible via a detour in other cases, offer interesting insights into the history and the present of this adaptable region. All the stations can also be easily reached by car.

Visit former brown coal power plants and worker housing, marvel at the sight of huge machinery once used for open pit mining, and discover the great diversity of animal and plant life at the numerous lakes in the post-mining landscape. At the same time, children find the route interesting. There are all kinds of diversions, including playgrounds, educational facilities - sometimes with multimedia exhibits - nature trails, excursions and water sports on the lakes. Whether by bicycle or car - you can experience the transformation of the once mighty central German industrial district into a cultural and leisure landscape.