Sachsen-Anhalt’s culinary delights

Zingy, hearty, crisp and sweet – all typical of Sachsen-Anhalt

Many delicious foods and unique specialities originate in Sachsen-Anhalt, and the food industry has developed into the state’s strongest economic sector.

The best known and most popular specialities are presented here: fríschlí Milchwerke GmbH is constantly increasing its sales. The “Leckermäulchen” quark crèmes today come in 24 different varieties, so there’s something for every foodie.

Sausages were manufactured in tins in Halberstadt in 1896, causing a worldwide sensation. The famous “Halberstädter Würstchen” have been in existence ever since, providing crisp, solid snacks.

Equally crispy is Burger’s Knäckebrot, partnered by the Hagen-based Brandt Group. Fans can enjoy a variety of flavours, such as sesame, spelt or buttermilk.

What Mozart Balls are to Salzburgers is the equivalent of what the Halloren Kugeln are to the people of Halle. With a wide variety of fillings, these chocolate products are enjoyed by many a sweet-tooth. The chocolate producers are constantly coming up with their own new and surprising praline creations.

Sweet delights from Halle – like the Kathi baking mixtures. Kathi Rainer Thiele GmbH is always bringing out new baking, bread or pizza dough mixtures.

Where is Salzwedel? Where the Baumkuchen come from. Many companies continue to make the Salzwedel Baumkuchen cake the traditional way, baked over an open fire and coated in chocolate. Visitors can witness this spectacle as part of a tour and tasting.

At Wikana, everything has revolved around sweet treats since 1906. Wikana Keks– und Nahrungsmittel GmbH produces its delicacies in Wittenberg, a city with close ties to Martin Luther. It is home to the “Wikinger” and “Winner” sandwich cookies, as well as the traditional “Lutherbrodt”. The range covers more than 40 different products in total.

Zetti was one of East Germany’s most famous confectionery brands. Its production facility and Zetti brand-name rights were purchased by Goldeck Süßwaren GmbH in 1992, but they are still the well known and very popular snacks like Knusperflocken, Bambina Schokolade and Schlagersüßtafel.

It is possible to have Little Red Riding Hood without the “big bad wolf”. The Rotkäppchen sparkling wine brand from Freyburg/Unstrut has now become an undisputed market leader across Germany, and has further developed its market position by buying up the brands Mumm, Jules Mumm and MM.

Hasseröder is one of Germany’s five top brands of premium Pilsner. The Wernigerode-based master brewers have significantly increased their sales.

Founded in 1924, Abtshof GmbH Magdeburg makes some good spirits, and its products include a range featuring a variety of herb and bitter specialities, the “Nisskosher Vodka” with an authentic rabbi’s kosher certificate, as well as liqueurs, brandies and “Absinth 66”.

Magdeburg-based coffee producer Röstfein has managed to firmly establish itself on the market. But it doesn’t all have to be new: The renaissance of two well known coffee varieties, “Rondo Melange” and “Mona”, have cemented the company’s path to success.