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If you’re not German, but if Sachsen-Anhalt is your home and center of interest, and you feel at home here, can communicate in German, and know a few things about Germany, have you ever thought about becoming naturalized?

With naturalization, you don’t give up your personal identity but you take advantage of new opportunities within Germany and the European Union as a German with foreign roots. You can participate, act and be treated as a citizen equally before the law.

Many migrants to Sachsen-Anhalt have already become naturalized. I would like to invite you to learn about the requirements for gaining German citizenship.

You can find information on naturalization here. Since citizenship law is very complicated, only the main features can be presented. Furthermore, you basically need to be advised by the naturalization authority responsible for your place of residence. In Sachsen-Anhalt, the naturalization authorities are the rural districts and the independent municipalities.

We would be happy to see you choose German citizenship and apply for your naturalization. Your Minister of the Interior and Sport of the state of Sachsen-Anhalt