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Indo-Guide for Refugees in Federal State Reception Centers

Initial Reception Centers

• Application for Asylum

• Integration Services

You can download the guide as PDF file here

no lager Halle (Saale)

“no lager Halle” is a group of people from Halle (Saale) who have committed themselves to protecting the rights of the asylum seekers in Sachsen-Anhalt. They make contact with refugees to learn about and document their specific living and life situations. With press activities and campaigns, they are striving to inform the public about the problems of asylum seekers and to support refugees and refugee initiatives.

Refugee aid Sachsen-Anhalt

On January 8, 2014 in Magdeburg, Bishop Gerhard Feige launched FHST, or “Refugee Aid Sachsen-Anhalt"(german). The bishopric was supported by Interior Minister Holger Stahlknecht, integration official Susi Möbbeck, and the state network Sachsen-Anhalt Migrants Self-Organization. According to its charter, the purpose of Refugee Aid is “to support the people coming or who have come to Sachsen-Anhalt from life-threatening crisis regions in precarious life situations, regardless of the status of their stay.” The support is being granted on the basis of Christian charity to one and all, whatever their religion, background, skin color or gender.

Education and work

Persons with a background as migrants are affected more severely by unemployment than Germans are. The level of participation of migrants in continuing education or training is also lower.

In order to meet the requirements of the job market, the labor market support programs of the Ministry of the Economy and Labor are open to all persons who have had a migrant background. Some guidelines also make it possible to develop projects especially for migrant groups – projects that help to put them (back) to work again.

The improvement of labor market access for migrants is a main goal of the National Integration Plan. As a result, new support programs will continue to be offered in coming years. So it definitely pays off to stay current and talk with the consulting offices and the employment agency about current labor market projects and support programs.

Educational advice for migrants: New brochure is online

The federal program “University Educational Counseling Guarantee Fund” adds to the support for young immigrants in Germany in the planning and continuation of their academic careers.

To this end, the program has now published the updated brochure (allemand), “Aid and Counseling for Immigrants in their Studies, Secondary School Examination and Language Learning.” The brochure shows the relevance that appropriate support services have for the execution of educational plans as well, and, among other things, includes articles by experts from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany and the German National Association for Student Affairs.