Asylum process

Detailed explanation of the German asylum process

The examination of the asylum application is one of the most important tasks of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). Its staff must evaluate whether persecutory measures that threaten asylum applicant’s life or freedom are in force back in the individual’s country of origin. In a brochure, BAMF provides information about responsibilities, the legally prescribed hearing for the asylum applicant, the decision-making, the duration of the process, and the legal consequences of the decision.

Information on the German asylum process

A foreigner who invokes the right of asylum (i.e., an applicant for asylum) must go through an acceptance procedure laid down in the law on the asylum process. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, BAMF, is responsible for carrying out the asylum process for all asylum seekers. A BAMF flyer provides information on the course of the asylum process – from the submission of the application, to the hearing, all the way to a decision.

The procedure for the German asylum process and background information

BAMF gives an overview of the individual steps in the Germany asylum process, as well as all the aspects and background information relating to it.