State Secretary at the Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture and Energy

Dr. Ralf-Peter Webe

Born on 7/9/1966 in Augsburg, single, one child

Professional career

1987 - 1995 Studied agriculture at the University of Bonn
2005 Completed doctorate in agriculture (Dr. agr.) at the University of Bonn
1995 Gesellschaft für Landeskultur (GfL), Koblenz
1995 - 1998 Environmental consultant, PRO TERRA TEAM GmbH Dessau
1998 - 2000 Office manager at Sachverständigenbüro Dr.-Ing. V. Kleinschmidt, Magdeburg
Since May 2000 Freelance environmental consultant
2000 - 2003 Research assistant at the University of Bonn, Institute of Agricultural Botany, Department of Geobotanics / Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve
2003 - 2008 Regional manager, Wirtschaftsförderung & Tourismus Anhalt GmbH
2007 - 2015 Managing director of Flusskultur Radreisen
2008 - 2012 Co-ordinator of biomass research at the Agrochemisches Institut Piesteritz e. V.
Since January 2013 Managing director of Hotel 7 Säulen
2009 - 2014  LAG Anhalt leader manager at Ingenieurbüro Steinbrecher u. Partner engineering firm 2014 - 2016 District manager of the Bauernverband Anhalt farmers’ association
Since 2016 State secretary at the Sachsen-Anhalt State Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture and Energy

Social involvement

Since 2009 Chairperson of the Middle Elbe regional brand