State Secretary at the Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture and Energy

Klaus Rehda

Born on 10/7/1957 in Berlin, married, two children

Professional career

Apprenticeship as a steelworker, studied geophysics at Freiberg University of Mining and Technology
Until 1990 Worked at the government-owned Bohrlochmessung Gommern company in natural gas production
Since 1990 Various roles in the Sachsen-Anhalt’s environmental administration
1990 - 1991 Head official at a district administration
1991 - 1995 Head of department at the Dessau Regional Council
1995 - 2008 Head of department at the state environmental ministry (waste, contaminated sites, and water)
Since 2008 President of the Sachsen-Anhalt State Office for Environmental Protection
Also participated in various international projects as a temporary environmental expert, 2005 to 2007 advisor to the EU Commission in the development and strengthening of regional environmental authorities in Bucharest, Romania
Since 2016 State secretary at the Sachsen-Anhalt State Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture and Energy

Political career

Since 1990 Member of the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Alliance 90/The Greens) party
Since 2015 City councillor in Möckern