The structure and functions of the State Chancellery

Palais am Fürstenwall

The State Chancellery is the official residence of the Minister-President. It assists the head of government in formulating and implementing policy guidelines as well as in his/her function as the representative of the state. It coordinates the work of the government and the administration.
The State Chancellery is in constant contact with the ministries and is therefore always fully informed about the implementation of key policy objectives in the departments and at the lower levels of the administration.

Every week at the Palais am Fürstenwall the State Secretaries confer and coordinate the work of the different ministries and the State Government holds cabinet meetings during which important governmental decisions are made.

In addition, the State Chancellery is directly responsible for overarching tasks such as Media policy (german website), EU policy and International relations (german website) or for making preparations for conferences attended by the heads of the federal and state governments.

The State Chancellery has been responsible for cultural affairs since April 2016.

State Chancellery and Ministry of Culture
of Sachsen-Anhalt
Hegelstraße 40 - 42
39104 Magdeburg
E-Mail: staatskanzlei(at)

State Chancellery of the state of Sachsen-Anhalt Click on this link to take a virtual walk through the State Chancellery (german)