New materials from Sachsen-Anhalt for the global markets

In times of dwindling fossil fuels and growing demands on environmental and climate protection, the chemicals and plastics industry must have a rethink. New highly-efficient, polymerbased lightweight materials define the future. The trend for resource-efficient and energy-efficient production processes is opening up new opportunities. 

Sachsen-Anhalt has the necessary knowledge to find practicable solutions for these enormous global economic challenges.

From basic chemistry to the processing industry, the entire value added chain is already covered within the state. In the centre of Europe, a centre of competence in polymer manufacturing and processing has developed here over decades. Existing clusters and compound structures, effective university and non-university research and industry-oriented research infrastructures enable effective technology and knowledge transfer. As a result, theory is implemented efficiently in practice.

In the Fraunhofer Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes CBP in Leuna, crude oil replacements made from renewable materials are being researched. Biotechnical and chemical processes are transferred from laboratory results into production-relevant dimensions.

The aim of the HYPOS project is to create sustainable, clean and stable energy and raw material provision using “green” hydrogen. About 90 partners from all over Germany want to make it possible to store and stably use surplus renewable energy. Using intelligent interlinking of hydrogen production with existing infrastructure, such as gas storage and pipelines, hydrogen is becoming a significant building block of the energy turnaround and resource security.