Sachsen-Anhalt on the way to being European Innovation Leader

Development of strengths and innovations potentials for more added value

Sachsen-Anhalt has great potential to establish itself as an innovative research, science and business location in the heart of Europe in central future markets. Enhancing this potential is the focus of the Regional Innovation Strategy. As a result, sustainable, socially acceptable and environmentally friendly economic growth should be stimulated. 

In an intensive dialogue with experts from the economy, science and politics, the location of the benefits of specialisation and competitive advantages of Sachsen-Anhalt were determined and trendsetting Lead Markets for the state were identified. Using existing advantages and, for example, developing them through a closer networking of science and economy is the objective of the Regional Innovation Strategy.

Social challenges and megatrends

Social developments and changes set the framework for the economic dealings of the future. An ever-growing and aging global population, the increase in chronic illnesses and an increasing awareness of health place new demands on future-oriented healthcare and social services, demanding new answers. Climate change, the reduction of high CO2 emissions and the scarcity of resources are challenging science and technology to develop new and integrated solutions. 

Every megatrend, be it the demographic development, climate change or how to handle finite natural resources, also includes new economic opportunities for new products or procedures. To realise this, it is necessary to focus on the existing strengths, creativity and wealth of ideas of all the citizens of the state.

Lead Markets

As part of the Regional Innovation Strategy, five leading and growth markets which are important for the state were identified on the basis of the core competences in the existing fields of science and economy in Sachsen-Anhalt and in view of the future global challenges. In these future markets, the state of Sachsen-Anhalt wants to encourage intelligent and socially integrative growth over the coming years in order to create competitive and high-quality work places in the state.

The Lead Markets with future potential in Sachsen-Anhalt are:

  • Energy, Engineering and Plant Construction, Resource Efficiency
  • Health and Medicine
  • Mobility and Logistics
  • Chemistry and Bioeconomy
  • Food and Agriculture

Accompanying the selected Lead Markets and as a fundamental component for successful innovation of all industries, three cross-sectional fields were defined for Sachsen-Anhalt. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Nanotechnology and Microtechnology which are among the Key Technologies and the Creative Industry assume fundamental key functions in research, development and production.