A core area of competence in a sector, which promises a bright future and growth, is being created in Magdeburg and Schönebeck in the field of medical engineering. The regional network for neuro-medical engineering in the Magdeburg region, InnoMed , has developed within the sphere of the Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg (Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg), the Leibniz-Instituts für Neurobiologie (Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology) and the Zentrums für Neurowissenschaftliche Innovation (ZENIT) (Centre for Neuro-Scientific Innovation).

The high degree of competence in the neuro-sciences is linked with the latest medical engineering developments within the network. Within this association, the research centres work in close cooperation with the companies in the Magdeburg region. The aim of this cooperation includes the implementation of new solutions in diagnostics and treatment in medical practice as a result of the definite distribution, analysis and application of knowledge, but especially it aims to press ahead with the development of new diagnostic processes, treatments, equipment and methods.

The centre of competence for medical engineering and technology called InnoLife is being set up in Schönebeck-Bad Salzelmen. Equipped with ideal infrastructure and the latest communications technology, it has gradually started its work since 2003.