Mechanical Engineering

Since early industrialisation, Saxony-Anhalt has been one of those traditional centres of mechanical engineering that are the driving forces of innovation. After a difficult period of restructuring, in the early 1990ies, and by concentrating on core competencies, good site conditions have led to many new beginnings. Through extensive investments, the development of new products and through the opening-up of new markets, mechanical engineering has become once again one of the state's sectors of growth.

The mainly medium-sized mechanical engineering in Saxony-Anhalt is particularly customer oriented, with a dominance of small-series manufacturing, and offers an extensive range of product-related services, such as tele-service.

High quality assurance is seen by mechanical engineering as a particular advantage in competition. Many of the companies residing in Saxony-Anhalt are forerunners of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN ISO 9000 (and following) certifications.

They offer a wide variety of innovative products that reaches from agricultural machines to special machines for high-precision manufacturing processes in the aerospace industry. A special emphasis lies on hoisting machines and conveyors, pumps and compressors, on the machine tools industry and wind generator construction .

For further information please see the annual business report and the data on the economic situation in Saxony-Anhalt. Both publications are available for down-load as PDF files under "economic data" (in German).